You’ll love the movies with my 21 friends, family, or just your beloved. Maybe just for entertainment at home or kesuntukan eliminate your job, maybe there is also a movie enthusiast who is 21.

Many movies slick and entertaining, one of hollywood movies. No doubt if hollywood movie has good quality and effects, for example in 2012 the film yesterday. Is the film in the year 2010 will be even better?

Here I present 10 2010 The latest Hollywood movie to be aired on Cinema 21 2010:

 . Edge of Darkness
10 Film Hollywood 2010: Film 21 Terbaru 2010Release  : January 2010
Starring :
* Mel Gibson
* Danny Huston
* Bojana Novakovic
* Shawn Roberts
* Ray Winstone
Directed  : Martin Campbell
Genre       : Drama Thriller
Produksi : Warner Bros. Pictures