Taking the lead by more than 600,000 views, Justin Bieber’s video for the song “Baby” has eclipsed Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” clip to become YouTube’s most watched music video ever. (Bieber scored an unwanted video hit recently when this video of him walking face first into a revolving door hit the web.)
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16-year-old Bieber, whose career was launched by the popular video sharing site, reportedly sent a thank you not to his loyal followers via Twitter, AP reports. We’re sure Gaga’s faithful fan monsters are clicking away over at YouTube presently.

It seems that the record industry’s opinion of YouTube has changed dramatically recently. It wasn’t long ago that lawsuits and cease-and-desist letters were readied as soon as a major artist’s music appeared on the site.
However, as the rise of Bieber proves, the site has in fact become an important forum for launching and promoting artists. Of course, you might not want to tell that to rockers OkGo. The LA-via-Chicago band split from its record label after, among other things, disagreements as to how the band should be allowed to promote its own music on YouTube.